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Encardia ::: Agapi mou Fidella

courtesy of martsou
The ethnic Greeks living in Salento (Puglia) and Calabria have their own distinct dialects (Griko and Grecanico, respectively). They have lived in the area for an undetermined amount of time, possibly as early as Ancient Greece or as late as the Middle Ages. The community has been largely assimilated by the Italian nation, but there remain speakers of the dialects and other aspects of the culture. There was a roots revival in the 1970s in this area, paralleling similar developments across continental Europe, including Brittany and Catalonia.
Encardia is the name of a Greek musical ensemble inspired by, creating and presenting melodies and songs from the rich musical tradition of Southern Italy . The group came together in 2004 and has performed for more than 180 live concerts in the regions of Greece , Italy , Southern France and Cyprus . They have cooperated with the most important representatives of the Southern Italian musical tradition for album recordings as well as in live performances (G. Avantiaggiato, R. Licci, C.Villani, E. Castagna , Ghetonia , mala lingua and others). They have also performed with well-known greek fellow artists such as A. Bakirtzis, N. Portokaloglou, F. Delivorias, K. Thomaides, V. Lekkas, C. Tsiamoulis, A. Ioannides, N. Xidakis, the symphonic orchestra of the municipality of Athens and others. The troubadours of encardia have released two albums (“Agapi mou Fidella” and "To paramithi tis tarantoulas"), both critically acclaimed. The unique connection they share with their audiences while in concert has often been notably mentioned by the media. There is also a third album (Kalos Irtate) which was the live recording of the cultural meeting “Greeks meet Greeks” during which Twenty three musicians and about ten dancers from Southern Italy and Greece took turns on stage and deposited the musical experiences of three different generations.

01 Agapiso
02 Tarantella
03 Labour song
04 Lullaby
05 La srina
06 Agapi mou... (my love)
07 .. ..fidella
08 La lega
09 Sciur padrun
10 Bukura more [ωραιε μωρια]
11 Anise mou caspedha
12 Pizzicarella mia
13 Tarantella


320 kbps CBR

Agapi mou Fidella

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