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VV.AA. ::: Sicily in music and song

courtesy of bolingo  at Anthems for the Nation of Luobaniya • 罗巴尼亚国歌
Here is another of the James McNeish field recordings full of good music and atmosphere. 
I think that some tracks on this record are very precious in deed. I like the big 
variation covering many different styles and traditions, only thing that is sad is 
that so many tracks are so short. That does not make the record less important it 
only makes you want to hear more. I think the Easter wailing track, the Pastorale 
and the Prayer song are wonderful glimpses allowing a real time travel. 
The Tarantellina with the jews harp and the Nennia is also very good listening.
Hope you enjoy this one! I will post another one of his recordings with music from 
Greece, but a little later. Too much other music waiting in line... We will see what 
comes first, and maybe someone else has some more of the McNeish recordings they could 
pass along to me so I could put them together with the others...
Side A
A1 Tarantella (Catania province) 1'50
A2 La vò - Lullaby (Catania) 2'52
A3 Stornello (Catania province) 2'37
A4 Tarantellina (Enna province) 0'32
A5 C'era 'na volta (Trapani) 0'58
A6 Ballad of Giuliano 3'53
A7 Dungeon Song (Palermo) 2'18
A8 Lullaby (Trapani province) 2'05
A9 La nova moda di li fimmini 2'08
A10 Easter wailing (Caltanissetta) 3'02
A11 Romance (Catania province) 1'31
Side B
B12 Ballad of Turiddu Carnevale (Palermo province) 1'38
B13 Pastoral (Agrigento province) 2'18
B14 Tarantella (Ragusa province) 1'51
B15 Sonnu Sonnuzu (Caltanissetta province) 1'50
B16 Stornello (Enna province) 2'54
B17 Prayer song (Palermo province) 0'45
B18 Mazurka (Ragusa province) 1'31
B19 Nennia (Enna) 2'12
B20 Drum sonata (Agrigento province) 2'33
B21 Stornello a botte (Enna province) 2'25
B22 Scialoma (Trapani province) 1'18
recordings from 1960 by James McNeish
1965 • Argo DA 89
vinyl rip • 320 kbps CBR • full photos
Sicily in music and song


BookWorm said...

Great music!

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Bellissima questa musica che sto ascoltando da un pò. Volevo chiederti che ne pensavi di uno scambio di link con il mio sito di musica italiana scritto in inglese qui: Se sei interessato, scrivi a blogmasterpg chioccioa

BigLog said...

Hi there. all the links are expired. can u plz re-up this fantastic music. it'll be appreciated... thanks