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VV.AA. ::: Smarnamisa! Resia valley music

from La folie du jour, submitted by Miguel
Resia Valley is a very small municipality-region lying in North Italy near the borders with Slovenia and Austria.
Resian people, who nowadays are numbered in about a thousand, have slavic origins and speak a very idiomatic
slavic dialect ("rozajanski"), strongly influenced by archaic lingual elements. Located between the two peninsulas 
(the balkan and the italian), but in fact isolated due to its surrounded by mountains alpine position, Resia has, 
in spite of its size, a rich folkloric history with unique customs and traditions.
"Smarnamisa!" compilation, an Avant Records release, is a rare document of traditional resian music created by 
fiddle ("citara"), cello ("bunkula"), "percussive'' feet, vocals, narrations etc.
Perhaps attractive mainly to ones with traditional folk tastes or ethno-musicological interests, but valuable and
sympathetic as a voice of an unseen dot of the world can be.
01. Skakji, Wtοcavi, Wφda, Glasji Tu-W Reziji
02. Kaku to Lλpu Po Gorδh!
03. Ta-Dφ Z Te Biske Jasane
04. Ta Matjonawa
05. Ta Pόstawa
06. Woda Ta Jurόdina
07. -missing- 
08. Ta Kuskrοtawa (
09. Ta Matjonawa
10. Gφra Ta Banλrina
11. Poti Mi Dφ Po Lοpje
12. Poti Mi Dφ Po Lοpje
13. Ta Divajina
14. Stara Rozajanska Wόza
15. Patalen Ka Zόbel Zvοzgulec
16. Glasji Ta-Na Kurοtλ
17. Ta Ukawa
18. Jtφ Ki Jφcλ To Ni Mφ!
19. Ta Bantawa
20. Ta Lipawska
21. Juhuhόc...!
1997 • Avant Records 
256 kbps CBR • track 7 is missing • no booklet
Smarnamisa! Resia valley music

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