Monday, September 14, 2009

Acquaragia drom ::: Rom kaffe

After so many miles, and so many trips all around the world, here they are again, Acquaragia Drom is back with new stories, gathered in concerts and weedings, with old and new friends.
A record with a unique flavour, in which the unmistakable Acquaragia Drom gipsy Italian style mixes with the rhythms of the incredible Taraf de Metropulitana band, with the virtuoso genius of the mandola Mimmo Epifani, with the craziness of the great and thetarical \"cousin\" Eugene Hutz out of Gogol Bordello.
Travel song or songs from the village of Saint Elias, Pianisi, and San Zopito, a saint who forgot to make miracles, and songs from Mister Romanò, the uncle storyteller, with his roots repertoire. Rom Kaffè: a real, authentic Italian blend!
"Down at the village, we alwaays meet at Rom Kaffè. We have our friends there, the perfect aroma, the crazy stories and a beautiful juke-box. Insert a coin, and our best songs start to play. Those for dancing, those for laughing and those for crying, those about broken hearts and those to be sung with a glass of wine in our hands. In this record there are new songs and older ones. You can listen to them anytime of the day, especially if accompanied by a good cup of coffee. Rom!"

Elia Ciricillo: vocals, guitar, tamburelli
Rita Tumminia: accordions, vocals
Marcus Colonna: clarinet, bass clarinet
Alexandru "Sandokan" Gruia: double bass, vocals
Erasmo Treglia: violin, tromba de'zingari, ciaramella
with our "Pralale"
Eugene Hutz vocals (2, 6, 10) courtesy of sideonedummy records
Mimmo "Barber" Epifani: mandolin, mandola, vocals
Marian Serban: cymbalon
Albert Florin Mihai: accordion
Paolo "Pal" Rocca: clarinet
Giordano Treglia, Stefano Silighini, Giacomo Autili: vocals (7)
Tuta Tanasache: vocals (11)
Mario Incudine: vocals (13)
Nicola Puglielli: guitars
Aldo Bassi: trumpet
Luca Recupero: marranzano
Giovanni Di Cosimo: flugelhorn
Giuseppe "Spedino" Moffa: zampogna

01. Rom Kaffe (3.47)
02. Mafia (3.55)
03. Tarantella Santuliana (4.22)
04. Fame da Lupo (4.00)
05. Ciuccio Bello (2.42)
06. 24.000 Baci (2.51)
07. Foulitchay (3.49)
08. Quelli eran giorni (4.55)
09. La Mugliera (3.24)
10. Amare Give (1.48)
11. Testamento (4.16)
12. Arrivederci Roma (2.23)
13. Ballo dei Pupi (4.06)
14. Amici Miei (2.13)

2008 • Finisterre FT 47

Rom kaffe
track 13 fixed


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Thanks for good album. Unfortunately, track 13 is severely damaged. Is it possible to grab/encode and upload it again?

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I'll rip it again as soon as I'll have this cd back
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